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15:07 Actual Osman Yalavuz taken into custody again despite he gravely wounded
15:06 Actual Kılıçdaroğlu warns against a possible provocation during the march
15:06 Actual Turkey might appoints governor to cities of Northern Syria
13:03 Actual Cihan Şéx Ehmed : We are fighting for Sinjar in Raqqa
12:26 Actual Cemetaries in Lice desturcted by soldiers
12:23 Actual Kılıçdaroğlu : Berberoğlu's cell was prepared before the trial
11:01 Actual First step to freedom in Raqqa : cut the beard
10:50 Actual Ahmet Türk : A historic opportunity came to light for Kurdish Unity
10:15 Actual Dail sweet bill for Erdoğan's guards costs over 25 thousand Euro
16:43 Actual Osman Yalavuz released
16:29 Actual A soldier killed in Çukurca right after Interior Minister Soylu's visitation
16:24 Actual QSD celebrates the Ramadan Bayram in the de facto capital of DAİŞ
14:23 Actual Refugee children have to work even in Ramadan Celebration
14:20 Actual Kılıçdaroğlu calls to Gülmen and Özakça : Please end to hunger strike
13:52 Actual Nine people jailed after Kozluk Attack
13:48 Actual From Baskın Oran to Interior Minister Soylu : I thank to him
14:29 Actual Istanbul Governorship bannes the Pride March
14:05 Actual A lieutenant loses his life in Bingöl
14:03 Actual CHP calls people of Diyarbakır for solidarity
14:03 Actual Brigade Commander dismissed after soldiers poisoned by food in Manisa
13:23 Actual Families of derailed soldier and police by PKK : we want conflict to being end
13:07 Actual Prisoners in Antalya : A special group is waited in the prison for attacking us
12:38 Actual CHP lawmaker Tuncay Özkan : Demirtaş' peace call is not heard
19:22 Actual An assimliation policy is carried out systematically in Sur
15:48 Actual Derailed police and soldiers' families make a press statement
15:34 Actual Operation towards Kurdish businessperson : A large number of people taken into custody
12:58 Actual Two soldiers die in Bitlis
12:57 Actual Former lawmaker of AKP Şükrü Önder taken into custody
12:56 Actual Agent for Turkish intellegence in Germany speaks : I was tasked for monitoring Kurds in Germany
15:05 Actual Court board recancels the passports of journalists
13:55 Actual Father of wounded villager taken into custody in Lice
13:05 Actual Justice March continues since six days
13:04 Actual No news about young who taken into custody by soldier
13:03 Actual Conflict in Çukurca and Uludere : One lieutenant lost his life and six soldiers and two rural guards wounded
15:08 Actual Sect leaders of mosque attend to military operation with state armed forces in Diyarbakır
15:06 Actual Condolence message for Tatlı from CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu
15:06 Actual Tatlı lose his life after heart attack during justice march
15:05 Actual HDK calls people to attend 'justice of march'
14:14 Actual Erdoğan visits to Germany
14:13 Actual A villager gravely wounded by soldier fire in Lice
13:51 Actual 21 people taken into custody after 731 soldier poisoned in Manisa
13:29 Actual CHP : Erdoğan ordered to media outlet owner Aydın Doğan to not give news about justice march
13:26 Actual She searches her husband since 43 days after he kidnaped
12:49 Actual It claimed ' Next one will be Kılıçdaroğlu'
17:18 Actual Berkin Elvan commemorated
17:17 Actual AKP member with MP5 gun released
14:25 Actual Kılıçdaroğlu : Everybody will need justice someday even MHP leader Bahçeli
14:24 Actual HDP: The march CHP launched is right reaction even they have been late for it
14:23 Actual Father still searches his son's body since 17 months
15:22 Actual AKP member threats CHP with MP5 gun

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