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15:50 Actual Discharged academician commits suicide
15:48 Actual Two arrests in Xerabé Bava Village
15:47 Actual Monument of Orhan Doğan demolished by trustee
15:46 Actual Detained villagers speak about what they lived during detention
15:45 Actual Villagers blocked to enter to their village
15:44 Actual One citizen killed by soldier fire in Lice
16:25 Actual İHD announced report of Xerabé Bava : We have never seen such a thing before
16:23 Actual Two soldiers lost their life in Al-Bab
16:19 Actual Prisoners laucnhs hunger strike in Şakran Prison
16:14 Actual Erdoğan holds official talks with Putin
16:12 Actual Five high profile Amir of DAİŞ killed
12:58 Actual 23 villagers of Xerabé Bava released after 14 days
12:56 Actual Baydemir tasked as spokesperson of HDP
12:54 Actual Bomb attack toward Al-Bab City : At least 47 dead
16:16 Actual Interpreter of US Consulship taken into custody
16:15 Actual 'No' campaign starts in Diyarbakır
15:35 Actual Operation continues towards HDP and DBP
15:31 Actual Mosul Airport taken back from DAİŞ
15:30 Actual Demirtaş : My adress is he Turkish Grand National Assembly
14:14 Actual Talaté village demolished after Xerabé Bava Village
12:03 Actual MHP PM : Referendum may canceled
12:02 Actual Halise Gülistan Diken sent to prison with her seven months year-old baby
12:01 Actual What is cleaning in Xerabé Bava Village?
12:00 Actual Academy of Street : We will take back our campuses and country with saying 'No'
12:00 Actual Trustee closes the kindergarten and opens Quran course
16:41 Actual Governor of Ankara bans all activities for referendum propaganda in all universities in Ankara
14:07 Actual Erdoğan : hat Contractors will be sponsored by Turkey Sovereign Wealth Fund
13:58 Actual An investigation launched to mayor of Adana Municipality
13:57 Actual HDP Central Executive Committee holds an emergence meeting
13:56 Actual HDP İzmir co-chair and executives detained
13:55 Actual Curfew declared in two village of Nusaybin County
13:54 Actual 92 percent disabled Kanar kept into custody since four days
16:40 Actual Barzani visits to Turkey
16:26 Actual Deputyship of Figen Yüksekdağ dropped
16:25 Actual Four politicians jailed in İstanbul, three taken into custody in Diyarbakır
16:06 Actual 18 prisoners transferred to different prisons from Siirt Prison
15:41 Actual HDP PM Baluken taken into custody
15:40 Actual Committee : Smoke is raising over Xerabé Bava Village
15:14 Actual Önder : Coming of spring will be on April 16
15:13 Actual Wholesalers released
13:38 Actual Ahmet Türk : Violence can't silence to request of freedom
13:23 Actual Detained Villagers : We were exposed to torture on square of the village
13:22 Actual "There was no such a flood even in 90’s period"
10:58 Actual A soldier dies ongoing operation towards Al-Bab
15:47 Actual Co-mayor of Erciş Municipality released
15:47 Actual HDP Parliamentarian Yıldırım released
12:58 Actual HDP calls emergency to international organization for Nusaybin
12:57 Actual 52 detained politicians sent into the courthouse after 11 days detention
12:11 Actual Committee of İHD and Diyarbakır Bar moves to Nusaybin
11:53 Actual Traffic accident in Iğdır : Six dead, 20 wounded

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