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16:32 Actual Erdoğan argues with 'No' campaigners : You are the liars
16:09 Actual Schools recessed for Erdoğan visitation to Samsun
16:07 Actual HDP PM Çelik : Ministry has no an attitude for hunger strike
16:06 Actual DBP co-chair Yüksek punished eight years and nine month prison sentence
16:06 Actual Dihaber reporter Abdurahman Gök valued to being awarded
16:05 Actual 42 prisoners in Ağrı launch hunger strike
16:34 Actual News recieved from missing prisoner Mükyen
15:51 Actual It claimed 12 people lose their life in Bitlis
14:09 Actual An investigation launched toward Beşiktaş Municipality on naming street in Kurdish
14:05 Actual Thousand fruiters cut down by soldiers' order
14:02 Actual First ballots placed in ballot box for referendum
14:00 Actual Conflict becomes intensified in Dağlıca
14:00 Actual 14 bodies taken to Malatya from ongoing operation in Dersim
13:58 Actual His releasing day becomes his date of date
12:51 Actual Local office of HDP raided by police
12:43 Actual Citizen of Diyarbakır : We don't want president and prime minister to come Diyarbakır
18:54 Actual Reporter of Dihaber Hayri Demir released
17:46 Actual Refugees' boat sinks : at least 11 dead
17:38 Actual Emine Ayna released
14:07 Actual prisoner in Maltepe : We have no news about our prisoned friend since he was taken from prison by saying ' you have a trial'
14:06 Actual Önlü : Prime Minister should apoligise first for Cizre and Sur at first
13:24 Actual Journalist Murat Verim taken into custody
13:20 Actual co-mayor of DBP taken into custody
13:13 Actual Reporter of Dihaber Selman Keleş into custody since four days
12:52 Actual Operations continue towards Kurds : eight taken into custody , twelwe jailed
12:39 Actual Cousin of Kemal : Kemal was one of the survivers from Ankara Massacre
16:34 Actual Bar of Diyarbakır : We will be close follower of murderin Kemal Kurkut's Case
16:31 Actual Police kills person in Diyarbakır today
16:30 Actual Prisoners in hunger strike transferred to another prisons
16:29 Actual Detention period of journalist Demir extended
16:28 Actual Entrance and exit to Istanbul closed
14:26 Actual Baydemir : If Kurds have unity youngs like Kemal will not murdered anymore
13:37 Actual Six people jailed in Dersim
13:29 Actual Wounded journalist Erhan in Sinjar loses her life
11:02 Actual " Our land is our life"
10:46 Actual Emine Ayna taken into custody
17:16 Actual Operation launched towards Bagok mountain
17:10 Actual Entrée the university forbiden for academician but free for racist group with weapon
16:42 Actual Erdoğan : All imrpisoned journalists are terrorist, burglar and child abuser
16:41 Actual 31 people taken into custody in Dersim and Antalya after Newroz
16:40 Actual Killed young's family denies " suicide bomber" claims
16:39 Actual Young civilian killed by police : pictures released
19:47 Actual Hundred thousands celebrate Newroz in Diyarbakır
19:19 Actual Mother Tunç : Don't forget the basements of Cizre
19:18 Actual Tens thousand meets in Batman,Siirt, Dersim and Bingöl for Newroz Celebration
18:01 Actual 13 people taken into custody after Newroz Celebration
17:59 Actual Tens thousand people celebrate Newroz in Cizre
17:57 Actual Newroz Area fulls with people
17:56 Actual Police attacks to people during Newroz Celebration in Yüksekova
13:01 Actual Imprisoned HDP co-chairs : We will protect our people dignity and we will certainly win

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