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14:41 Actual Istanbul Governorship : 30 thousand 101 police will be officiate and roads go to Taksim will be closed during May 1
13:16 Actual Four bodies taken to Adıyaman Hospital after military operation
13:09 Actual Muslim : No-fly zone should be declared in Rojava after Turkey attacks
12:37 Actual CHP lawmaker visits HDP co-chair : Demirtaş has important things to say at his first trial
11:54 Actual Seven people taken into custody before May 1
12:04 Actual France launches a new investigation on Kurdish Women Assasination in Paris
12:04 Actual Rédur Xelil : We both ready to friendship or fightback to attacks
12:03 Actual Turkey blocks to access Wikipedia
15:11 Actual AKP executives offer job in government agencies exchange of money
15:11 Actual DTK co-chair Dicle : Erdoğan is a new face of Enver Pasha
12:37 Actual Numbers people taken into custody in Ankara and Tekirdağ after protest referendum result
12:27 Actual Journalist Ömer Çelik prisoned since 100 days without accusation file
11:50 Actual Uca: Turkey winds to DAİŞ by attacking Sinjar and Rojava
16:17 Actual CHP applies to ECHR for referendum result
16:10 Actual AKP-Erdoğan Power revenges from Kurds : HDP statement on air attack towards Sinjar and Rojava
15:12 Actual HDP lawmaker Nihat Akdoğan released
14:45 Actual Second Workshop of Alan Kurdi begins in İzmir
14:32 Actual Rights violation rise in Kürkçüler Prison
12:11 Actual Governorship of Sur forces to residents of Sur to leave the houses in a week
16:06 Actual Four solider lose their life during operations in Şırnak and Kars
14:51 Actual Iraq Foreign Ministry : Air craft conducted by Turkey is violation of Iraq's sovereignity
14:50 Actual HDP lawmaker Feleknas Uca taken into custody
14:49 Actual Coalition executives visits to Qereçox after air crafts
14:48 Actual Ehmed and Yusif : We stop the Raqqa Operation and back to protect our land
14:47 Actual Kılıçdaroğlu : President of AYM lays bare the referendum was questionable
14:47 Actual Muslim : Our people will response to the attacks, coalition forces should'nt stay silence
14:41 Actual Yıldırım signals to change the cabinet
10:47 Actual Turkey conducts air crafts towards Sinjar and Rojava
17:07 Actual Spokesperson of presidency Kalın : Turkey is ready for military operations towards Syria and Iraq
15:48 Actual Turkish Minister Zeybelçi : State of Emergeny should ended
15:45 Actual HDP makes statement for arrested lawmakers in front of Constitutional Court
13:34 Actual Government denies celebration of May First in Taksim Square
12:52 Actual Blockade towards villages continues despite military operation ends
12:51 Actual DTK makes statement on 1915
12:50 Actual Turkey deports Italian journalist Grande ; Italian Minister says
18:06 Actual A citizen gravely wounded in Van after police vehicle crashes
15:20 Actual Two villagers taken into custody in Kulp
13:49 Actual Prisoners kept single cell during indefinite hunger strike
13:08 Actual A soldier loses his life in Diyarbakır
12:26 Local Conflicts in Şırnak become intensified : Two more soldier s lose their life
14:36 Actual HDP releases its referendum result's report
14:32 Actual Kışanak and Tuncel's trial begins
14:31 Actual Child labors number reaches to two million
14:30 Actual chairperson of TÜSİAD : Reliability of election's security was damaged
12:17 Actual 45 Kurdish journalist in prisons on Journalists Day of Kurdistan
11:41 Actual Numbers people taken into custody before May 1
15:42 Actual Investigation launched towards anti-war educators
15:41 Actual HDP lawmaker Konce refuses to attend the trial with SEGBİS
15:40 Actual Entry and exit of hundreds district of Şırnak banned by governorship
13:21 Actual İHD, THİV, ÖHP and ÇHD's statement : Hunger strike ended but rights violation is continuing

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