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20:04 Actual Numbers of sentenced and jailed transfereed from Slivri to Maltepe Prison
15:55 Actual Ahmet Turk's medical report submitted to the court by foresnic medical
14:43 Actual Executives of Dormitory in Aladağ Released
13:41 Actual Ahmet Türk : I was downtrodden ever period
12:43 Actual Trustee strikes out on Sinjar name
12:25 Actual AKP PM Şamil Tayyar : NATO is a terrorist organization
12:14 Actual United Metalworkers’ Union : We don't recognize the banning
11:54 Actual Co-mayors of Tutak and Doğubeyazıt Muniicipalities taken into custody
11:53 Actual Journalist faces prison sentence up to 27 years due to reporting
09:54 Actual Four Decree with Power of Law issued
09:53 Actual Five Governors' Passport Canceled
13:34 Actual Fire in Göksu Delta
13:26 Actual Will armored group to being landed to Tekel Camp?
13:07 Actual Patented historic house transformed a parking area in Diyarbakır
12:57 Politics HDP builds a 'No' front
12:38 Actual Report of Sur discomforted by ministry
11:23 Actual Gun fired to police in Istanbul
16:05 Actual 30 days of detention decided for Nusaybin Municipality co-mayors
15:53 Actual Operation in Adıyaman : Akçalı Village's rural bombed
15:52 Actual HDP PM Başaran Released
15:39 Actual Imprisoned three journalists sent to Silivri Prison
11:16 Actual Yüksek : Unity brings a great gains
10:20 Actual HDP PM Başaran Detained
15:13 Actual Post-cards which written 'No' sent to PMs
15:12 Actual Thausand gathered in front of Agos : We miss since 10 years Ahparig!
14:56 Actual Another trustee appointed to trustee's office in Dersim
14:16 Actual First seven article of new constitutional ammendment agreed
12:53 Actual 'They executed a wounded woman'
12:43 Actual Released Journalist after 24 days : We were exposed to torture everyday
11:51 Actual Demirtaş : Kılçdaroğlu was the one who took the first steep
11:34 Actual There is economic crisis and society doesn't want to presidential system : Pool
19:40 Actual Erdoğan : Legilastive, Executive and Judiciary's authorization should given to one power
12:27 Actual At least 34 people detained in Hatay
12:24 Actual Police killed two people in raid
12:23 Actual Decennial of Hrant Dink’s assassination commemorated
11:56 Actual Reina Attacker : The target was Taksim
11:03 Actual a thousand prisoners live in 500 capacity prison
11:03 Actual DBP vice co-chair : Trustees' activities aim to forgetting the collective memory
09:57 Actual Three journalists prisoned
21:44 Actual Reina Attacker is on the wanted list in Uzbekistan : Uzbek Official
21:38 Actual Journalists sent to court for arrest
18:24 Actual Demirtaş and Yüksekdağ risk up to between 83-142 years in jail
15:45 Actual Co-workers of detained journalists : We will pick them up from here
15:04 Actual 16 people detained ongoing operations
14:15 Actual MHP member Aslan taken into custody on charge of "humiliating the president"
14:01 Actual Trustee appointed to Muradiye Municipality
19:40 Actual Three police killed in explosion in Diyarbakır
17:25 Actual Dead Êzidî crosses the border but not alive
16:57 Actual Jaournalist Turan released by decision of the judicial control
15:54 Actual Garo Paylan applies constitutional court to cancel the ban

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