The Monument of Roboski removed and crumbled by police

DİYARBAKIR – Erected the monument for commemoration of Roboski Massacre was removed and also crumbled by police in Diyarbakır.

Aircrafts belonging to Turkish Armed Forces had attacked to Roboski Village in Uludere-Şırnak and 34 citizens had been killed by bomb attacks on 28 December 2011. A monument was erected four years ago for commemoration of Roboski Massacre by sculptor Suat Yakut in Kayapınar-Diyarbakır. There were eight cast rockets and a woman who opened her hands and wail for the massacre. On the monument also 34 victims’ name had been written.

Heavy equipment with police escort crumbled the monument at early morning hours. Police also removed cast rockets and women statue.

Kayapınar Municipality’s authorities announced that they have no information about removing the monument.

Meanwhile several days ago Roboski Association was closed by Interior Ministry’s decision.