'Turkey prapers to golden shot and Kurdish National Unity is neccessary'

ANKARA – KNK member and author Selahattin Soro spoke about Kurdish Unity to dihaber. Soro “ Turkey aims to equation of Middle East without Kurds like a century ago. Turkey is preparing to “golden shot” and therefore “Kurdish National Unity” must be provided as soon as possible” said.

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) member and closed Özgür Gündem Newspaper author Selahattin Toro spoke to dihaber about Turkish policies on Middle East and Kurdish policy on Moscow, capital of Russia. “ Kurds are not 1923’s Kurds nor even 1990’s Kurds” said Toro.

* Why did Turkey launch an Operation to Syria?

Entering to Al-Bab is connected with Middle East policy of Turkey. Turkey has neo-Otoman mind and therefore they have military bases in Mosoul and Bashiqa. Also being in Aleppo, Jarablus, Azaz and Al-Bab is a strategy of 2023’s aim of Turkey which doesn’t involve Kurdish in the Middle East. On this base Turkey involved to Syria policy. Moreover Turkey played great role to support militias to fight against Kurds in Syria. They wanted to Kurds to left statussless and defeated.

* Does Turkey Succeed on this ?

Absolutely not. Turkey couldn’t had chance to improve this policy after crashing the Russian plane. Then of course Erdoğan and AKP (Justice and Development Patrty) had rotated 180 degrees about Syria policy as they do always and compensated. One of the most important compensate is that accepting the supremacies of Iran, Syria and Russia on Aleppo city. There are defeats in here for Turkey. After agreement with Russia and political vacuum in USA , Turkey entered to Jarablus and Al-Bab line. But interesting thing is that Turkey couldn’t reach to Al-Bab city center since two months despite to take Azaz and Jarablus in one day.

* What is the historic connection between Turkey and Jarablus,Azaz and Bab? Is there any connection that Turkey has with these regions?

Turkey aimed to draw a border until north of Aleppo and from Mosoul to Kirkuk as Misak-I Milli (National Pact) in 1923. But Turkey offered that during the negotiation : “ We can renounce from Misak-I Mille on one condition. You will wink at politic implementations against Kurds we will do with 1926 Cairo Agreement and we will renounce from Mosoul, Kirkuk and north of Aleppo”

Then Turkey began to go towards Kurds when especially English accepted this proposal from 1923 to 1938. Now Tayyip Erdoğan aims to penetrate on north of Aleppo and around the Mosoul for aim of 2023. Then he wants to have negotiate with Russia and USA after he becomes succeed to penetrate on these regions. This is exactly same policy with first years of Turkey Republic.

* Can Turkey be succeed on its aim?

Undoubted we are not living in 1923 right now. Kurds are not 1923’s Kurds nor even 1990’s Kurds. There are armed forces in Middle east from Black sea to the gulf, from Mediterranean to Zagros Mountains. Kurds had their status by their own political will and struggle. Therefore Turkey efforts for nothing. Because aim of Turkey on Kurd will not be come true.

* How do Russia and Use desire a Middle East?

For sure neither Russia nor USA think to protect same status quo in Middle East. Russia is a federative country and USA is made of many countries. Therefore they will not do same thing which England and France did in 1920’s. Nation state is overburden for both Russia and USA. But we have to point that Russia and Turkey are still flirting each other. Putin and Russia’s policy of Middle East always drawn on Erdoğan policy. But we still don’t know what kind of relations have between Turkey and Russia.

* Then, what should Kurds do against these policies?

21th century is Kurd’s century. History wrote Kobané, Sinjar and Kirkur victories against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levants (ISIL). The World Kobané Day became International Day. But we know that Turkey is trying to improve policies against Kurds gains and sometime they succeed on it. Therefore to minimalize the Turkish policies against Kurds gains, we have to be succeed on national unity.

Because Turkey aims to destroy Kurdish Freedom Movement in Qandil, Afrin, Rojava. AKP politicians call this as “golden shot”. It is obvious that Turkey is preparing to “golden shot”. Therefore next weeks or months will be historic for Kurds. On this view all fronts of Kurds should be unite.