Öcalan's Lawyer : İmralı’s law is outspreaded to whole Turkey

ISTANBUL – Öcalan lawyer İbrahim Bilmez said “ Security policy was brought into the forefront when Öcalan isolated. Therefore İmralı’s law is outspreaded to whole Turkey.

One of the Kurdistan Worker Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Öcalan’s lawyer spoke to dihaber about the recent developments in 2016 such as right violations, speechlessness of world public opinion against lawlessness .

“ Lockdown against Öcalan is rigorously continuing. Also Turkey has dark scene. We had applied to visit Öcalan 57 times and the family 26 times until July 15 of 20016. All applications were denied. Also we applied 62 times and the family 54 times for visit Öcalan after July 15. Except one all of those also were denied” said lawyer Bilmez.

“Lawlessness of İmralı is outspreaded to whole Turkey. This scene shows that state of emergency is implemented since Öcalan was taken there. We were saying that but no one believed us” said lawyer of Öcalan.