Killed at the Antep Attack Kasar's bodies taken by the family

ANTEP – Killed during the Gaziantep Police Headquarter attack Müslüm Kasar who has non compos mentis dead body was taken by his family.

It was reported that Müslüm Kasar had certificate of insanity “fifty percent”. Police officials said “ terror attack” after a police wounded and Kasar lost his life.

During the fire journalist Beritan İrlan and a foreign national Ömer Ömer and also a person named Deniz were taken into custody. At the same time Anti-terror forces raided to Kasar’s family house in Antep and detained six people of the family.

Journalist İrlan, Ömer and Deniz were released at yesterday late night but six family members are still keeping into custody.

Meanwhile Kasar's father Musa Kasar identified his son body at the foresnic morgue. Kasar's body will be buried in the day.