There is no statement about crashed F-16 but threatment

DİYARBAKIR – It has been passed a month that a Warcraft was crashed. But authorities didn’t make any statement about the incident until now and also citizens in the village where the warcraft was crashed were threatened by soldiers if they give any information to journalist about the crash.

A warcarft , F-16 type, was crashed nearby Yeşildere Village in Sur-Diyarbakır on 12 December 2016. But none officials made statement about the incident. Right after plane crashed İhlas News Agency (İHA) stated that according to pilot the warcraft was crashed by an attack but a while later the new was withdraw without any justification.

After IHA, Turkish Armed Forces “ A warcraft, F-16 Type, which belonged to Turkish Air Forces crashed 1.5-2 miles far from Diyarbakır Airport by unknown reason around at 19.30 on 12 December 2016” stated.

Residents of the village said that they are threatened by soldiers if they give any information about the crash. There was also detention among the villagers and they were questioned whether they have seen any person with arms or not.

A woman from the village had said “ I was on the balcony to pick my clothes up. First I heard extensive fire gun voices then the tall section of the plane was fired and separated to two pieces. The plane dropped to 200 meters far from our home.”

Peoples’ Defense Forces Main Headquarter Commander (HPG) had announced after two day of crash that warcraft was crashed with special methods by their forces.